Yeemer Stainless Steel Love Screw Oval Bracelet Bangle Women Men with Screwdriver (19cm Yellow gold)

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This bracelet is made with stainless steel and with yellow gold,rose gold and silver colors.The special process makes it comfortable and beautiful.Multiple sizes make this bracelet can be fit for most of people.It is the perfect present for Valentine's Day,Mother's Day,Christmas,Birthday,Anniversary,Wedding,etc.

Bracelet size reference:
Small size:inner perimeter is 16cm(6.5"inches),diameter is 6cm(2.36"inches),width:5mm,suitable for your wrist size no more than 6.3"inches
Large size:inner perimeter is 19cm(7.5"inches),diameter is 6.5cm(2.56"inches),width:6.5mm,suitable for your wrist size from 6"inches to 7"inches

How to open and wear the bracelet:
Please use the tiny screw driver and loosen the two screws.The bracelet will open in two pieces. Please screw the two pieces back together.

Package contents:  
1x Love bangle
1x Screwdriver
1x Fashion jewelry box

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