Satinior 15 Pieces Wire Blank Bracelet Expandable Blank Bangle Adjustable Wire Bracelet for DIY Jewelry Making, 2 Inch, 2.4 Inch, 2.6 Inch

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Satinior 15 pieces wire blank bracelet expandable blank bangle adjustable wire bracelet for diy jewelry making, 2 inch, 2.4 inch, 2.6 inch

Assorted size wire bracelets:
These wire bracelets are in 3 different sizes, 50 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm in its diameter, you can adjust the size as you want to fit your wrist. These wire blank bangles are made of stainless steel material, with smooth and glossy surface, durable to use.

Wide uses:
Expandable wire blank bangles fit for DIY jewelry making, you can hang the charms or pendants on the wire of the bangle to make your special style.

Color: steel
Wire bracelet material: stainless steel
Diameter: 50 mm/2 inches, 60 mm/ 2.4 inches, 65 mm/ 2.6 inches
Quantity: 15 pieces (each size for 5 pieces)

Package includes:
5 x 50 mm Wire blank bracelet
5 x 60 mm Wire blank bracelet
5 x 65 mm Wire blank bracelet

Please check the size before purchasing, in case they are not suitable for you.
These bracelets are o-ring seal, you can just stretch the bracelets through the elastic force, and wear it on your wrist.
Take them off before showering.
Avoid solvents or chemicals.
Wipe them dry with towel if wet.
They may look larger or smaller on pictures, please take the actual description as standard.

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