OTOFY 70pcs Backflow Incense Cones Green Tea Incense Osmanthus Jasmine Lavender Rose Cherry Blossom Sandalwood Mixed Natural Incense Stick Kitchen Incense Fragrant Cone Deodorization

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Fragrance: Mixed

Packaging content:
70PCS incense cones contains 10* Green tea incense, 10* Osmanthus incense, 10* Jasmine incense, 10* Lavender incense, 10* Rose incense, 10* Sandalwood, 10* Cherry blossom incense

Incense has always been a part of the rituals and traditions from ancient times. It signifies not only the warmth and aroma that the fragrance can bring into our lives but also a way of thanking the Lord for all the wealth and prosperity bestowed upon us

For home, patio, Backflow Incense Burner, Deodorant, rituals, office, Yoga, birthday parties, special occasion, romantic moments.

Made from Cedar powder and natural plant oils, Our handmade incense are soaked for a minimum of 40 hours.

light the tip of the incense cones, then blow out flame. place it in the holder and plate to receive the ashes

Burn Time:
About 10 minutes each Incense cone

> Keep in dry
> Keep ventilated after ignition
> pay attention to safety; do not swallow

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