Chef's Star 6 Piece Copper Bar Tools Set - (2x) 18oz Moscow Mule Mugs - 2 Shot Glasses - 25.3 oz Shaker - 50.7 oz Pitcher

Starting At $113.40
Looking to add some flare to your bar while keeping with a traditional look?

Look no further than the Chef's Star 6 Piece Copper Bar Tools Set. It has all you need to host a night of drinking your favorite cocktails, or just relaxing at home with a nice cold beverage.

Set Includes:

(2x) 18 oz Mule Mugs | Height: 3.75" | Width: 3.5"
(2x) Shot Glass
25.3 oz Shaker
50.7 oz Pitcher

In the United States, around the 1940's, the Moscow Mule quickly became a traditional Russian inspired vodka and ginger beer drink served in cool copper mugs.

This copper bar set can be used to pay homage to this special / traditional cocktail. It is also perfect for enjoying any cold beverage from water and iced tea, all the way down to other cocktails and a nice beer.

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