BohoTats Flash Tattoos - Set of 5 Sheets - Over 100+ Intricate Designs - Stunning Metallic Flashtats - Non Toxic - Quality Guarantee - Temporary Metallic Tattoos

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Do you love choosing and changing your look each day, and would like the perfect temporary tattoos to match your outfit?

Would you like a premium quality set of stunning, ultra chic designs?

BohoTats have created the perfect range of premium, detailed metallic tattoos guaranteed to suit any outfit! Our Metallic Tattoos are provided in an ultra long lasting, 5 sheet pack with the most innovative, intricately detailed designs. From smooth, flowing wrist and ankle jewelry, standalone bohemian neck and ankle tattoos, to feathered, super-lifelike, ultra vivid necklaces, blending bronzes and silvers for a totally unique multi-reflective finish, our Metallic Tattoos are perfect for any occasion!

Whereas other Tattoos easily wear out, our premium manufacturing process guarantees super-vivid, high visibility designs, that won't fade, split or peel after little use, and unlike others on the market, each set of BohoTats are provided in a super protective cardboard sleeve guaranteeing every sheet will arrive in pristine condition!

Our Metallic Tattoos are a premium set of temporary tattoos, with a number of key benefits:

- Ultra vivid, intricate natural designs, perfect for any outfit.

- Reflective, authentic metallic tattoos with multi-colored finishes.

- Easy to apply and remove, completely safe and non-toxic.

- Super hard-wearing, won't peel or fade with little use.

- Ultra strong, crease resistant cardboard packaging.

100% quality money back guarantee.

If you're looking for the perfect set of Metallic Tattoos, whether for a party, music festival, beach day, or final touches to the perfect outfit, add BohoTats to your cart now!

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