All-In-One Sushi Making Kit | Sushi Bazooka, Sushi Mat & Bamboo Chopsticks Set | DIY Rice Roller Machine | Very Easy To Use | Food Grade Plastic Parts Only | Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

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Sushi at Home Finally Made Easy!

Are you tired of paying for questionable quality sushi at expensive restaurants?

Looking for a cost-effective, simple way to make delicious sushi at home?

Surprise your family and friends with the ultimate sushi recipe using this complete sushi-making kit!

Sushi Bazooka + Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat + Bamboo Chopsticks = Must-Have Set For Your Kitchen!

Your search for an easy-to-use, efficient sushi bazooka is finally over! This lightweight and durable sushi bazooka is so simple to use, it’s almost automatic!

Simply load the Bazooka with rice and all the ingredients of your choice, close it and your sushi is ready! All you have to do now is pick up the bamboo chopsticks and dive in!

Food-Grade, Safe Materials

All the materials present in this sushi making kit are 100% safe for your health. From the food-grade plastic used on the sushi bazooka to the premium bamboo chopsticks and rolling mat, everything is as sanitized and hygienic as it gets!

Not to mention how healthy sushi is by nature and how many health benefits you’ll experience if you start incorporating in your diet regularly!

Create Different Shapes Of Sushi Rolls Without Breaking A Sweat!

You don’t even have to give this a second thought! Just use the bamboo rolling mat to create different shaped sushi rolls and impress your house guests!

If they get too jealous of your fancy new kitchen set, there’s no reason not to get them the same sushi making kit as a thoughtful gift!

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